Take Asthma Inhaler and Nasal Inhaler on plane?

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Question by holytoledodana1: Take Asthma Inhaler and Nasal Inhaler on plane?
I have asthma and allergy problems. My ENT recommended that I take my nasal inhaler a 1/2 hour before I board my flight to Cancun on Saturday. Will the airport screening allow me to take my inhalers on the plane?

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Answer by Chris D
yes. The only ban is on liquids and gels. No problem with the inhaler. I believe you can even get exempions on medicine that is a liquid or gel if you will need it in flight, but I am not sure the proceedure. TSA has a web site where you can submit questions

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  1. Getting Married in May!!!!! says:

    The asthma inhaler yes, since its for a medical condition. You might have a problem if the nasal inhaler, but i am not sure. I would say no, but the TSA has a website, I think there is a contact number for any question!

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